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October, 2009

  • 7 October

    Common Apache Error Codes

    Whether you are running a dedicated server, a reseller business, or just a shared hosting website, you will undoubtedly encounter a few errors now and then. Knowing what each error code means can go a long way. Below are some common Apache web server error codes: 404 Not Found This …

  • 7 October

    What is Reverse DNS?

    Question: What is Reverse DNS? Answer: Reverse DNS is a method of determining the domain name associated with an IP address. It is the opposite of DNS, which finds the IP address associated with a domain name. According to Internet standards, every IP address should have a domain name, and …

  • 6 October

    Save time with remote reboot

    Last week you learned how a routine server reboot can be a costly affair at some dedicated hosts. Even for those of us with more endearing hosts that do not charge for restarts, the process can sometimes take a bit longer than it should. Instead of contacting your provider every …

  • 5 October

    Should I setup my own dedicated servers or use the cloud?

    Question: Should I setup my own dedicated servers or use the cloud? Answer: The tech world is currently abuzz with positive, negative, and neutral news about cloud computing. Some small to medium sized businesses have successfully transitioned to it and are perfectly happy. Others are sticking with traditional dedicated hosting, …

  • 2 October

    Understanding Linux RAM Usage

    Question: I run Windows on my home computer, and I noticed that my Linux dedicated server is always using a lot of RAM. Why? Answer: Windows and Linux utilize RAM in different ways. Someone new to Linux might be alarmed to see that the amount of free RAM Linux leaves …

  • 2 October

    What is MRTG?

    Question: What is MRTG? Answer: MRTG stands for Multi Rounter Traffic Grapher. It is free and open source software that monitors and measures traffic on a network. It provides a graph that shows traffic load over a set period of time. Although it was originally developed to monitor routers, many …

  • 1 October

    Prevent data disasters with a RAID array

    Do you make regular backups of your data? Even if you do, you will always experience significant downtime in the event of a hard disk failure on your dedicated server. One solution to this problem is to upgrade from a single drive to a RAID array. Simply put, the technology …

September, 2009

  • 23 September

    Choosing a backup solution for your dedicated server

    Question: I am looking for a backup solution for my dedicated server. What are my options? Answer: There are three common options that dedicated server managers typically use. All of them have their benefits and drawbacks. 1. Web hosting company. Often times,the company that owns and houses your server also …

  • 23 September

    Avoid bandwidth overage fees with an unmetered server

    The last thing any dedicated server owner wants to see at the end of the month is a bandwidth overage fee. Data transfer is expensive, and server providers levy hefty charges to customers who use more than their allotted amount. If this is something you are worried about, consider renting …

  • 17 September

    Don't expect hosts to continue being generous with IPs

    When I signed up for my first dedicated server three years ago, my provider handed out IPs as if they grew on trees. Just for signing up, I received 5 and was allowed unlimited add-on addresses. At one point, I had around 12 IPs on one box. Many hosts have …