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May, 2010

  • 12 May

    The benefits of instant setup

    Need a dedicated server in a flash? Normally a server can take up to two days to deploy, but a number of hosts specialize in instant setup. Imagine having your server ready just a few seconds after ordering! Instant servers are generally carry a price premium over their slower-to-deploy counterparts. …

April, 2010

  • 9 April

    Common extra dedicated server features

    An unmanaged dedicated server is almost like a bare-bones computer. While you get all of the essentials required to call it a server, there are many features that you will want to add. Some of them are free and/or open source, while some require purchase or even subscription services. It …

  • 9 April

    What operating system should I install on my dedicated server?

    A lot of new dedicated server owners are not sure which operating system they should use. Unless you’re running an Apple server, you have two choices: Linux and Windows Server. Which one is better? Because of its low cost, flexibility, better security, and faster speed, Linux is the operating system …

  • 2 April

    How to change the Postfix port number

    By default, Postfix, Sendmail, and other SMTP mail servers rely on port 25 to send email. Normally, this is fine and works for most situations. Some Internet Service Providers, however, disagree. They see port 25 as a prime port for spammer exploitation, and many have started to block it. If …

March, 2010

  • 31 March

    Rent a dedicated server in Estonia?

    A Webhostingtalk.com user asked today if it is possible to find a low-price dedicated server in Estonia. Unfortunately, this type of Estonia hosting will be hard to find for a number of reasons. First and foremost, there just isn’t much demand for web hosting or servers in many countries around …

  • 26 March

    Disadvantages of dedicated hosting

    If your site is too large for a VPS or shared hosting account to handle, you have little choice but to move to a dedicated server. This can be a good thing in many ways, but there are some unfortunate disadvantages dedicated server owners have to deal with: Increased cost. …

  • 22 March

    Avoid bandwidth overage charges with an unmetered dedicated server

    Not sure how much bandwidth you will use or worried about those large overage fees? If so, an unmetered dedicated server might be for you. As the name implies, hosts offering unmetered servers do not charge based on the amount of bandwidth consumed. Rather, the customer pays a flat fee …

  • 18 March

    How to rename multiple files in Linux

    The ability clusters of files is a handy skill to have when running a dedicated server or VPS, and in some cases, it is absolutely necessary. For example, if you ever need to migrate from one server to another or from one software/application system to another, you might need to …

  • 17 March

    How to Install Apache Tomcat in CentOS/Redhat/Fedora

    Apache Tomcat is free and open source software that implements a Java-based HTTP web server using Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP). It is an option to consider when you are implementing a content management system or creating web applications. There are four main steps to take to get Tomcat …

  • 15 March

    How quickly can you put a server together?

    Ever wondered how quickly you could build a dedicated server? That’s what visitors to The Planet’s booth at the SXSW Interactive will figure out this week. The company has set up a contest that challenges participants to put together an entire Pentium 4 server from scratch. The winner will receive …

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