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July, 2009

  • 16 July

    Google runs Belgian data center without chillers

    Because of the intense heat generated by servers, most data centers use equipment called chillers to cool water before circulating it around the servers to reduce heat. These are expensive and use a great deal of energy, but the alternative is a bunch of overheated systems. In a new data …

  • 16 July

    Prototype allows for creation of iPhone data center

    In June, a free piece of software called ServersMan launched that lets any iPhone or iPod Touch be used as a web server. Its maker, a Japanese company by the name of FreeBit, wants to go even further, unveiling a prototype today for an iPhone server rack. The rack holds …

  • 14 July

    Do the data center disco

    As much as server admins love laying network cable, installing switches, and downloading updates, they’ll be the first to tell you working in a data center can be boring at times. The bloke in this YouTube video, however, found a way to turn the monotony of his server room job …

  • 10 July

    Data center has £237,220 electric bill

    With power becoming more and more expensive, data centers are having problems keeping up with the cost. One data center in Florida recently had to pay a £237,220 ($387,000 USD) power bill for one month of usage after the local utility company increased rates by 26%. To add insult to …

  • 3 July

    Fire takes Seattle data center offline

    Seattle residents experienced more than a little summer heat today when a small fire took a downtown data center offline. A number of services were affected by the outage, including the Port of Seattle’s mail servers, a local hospital’s IT system, as well as thousands of websites. Some local residents …

  • 2 July

    NSA to build £978 million data center

    The National Security Administration has announced plans to build a new data center up to 1-million square feet in size in Fort Williams, Utah. The total cost of the project will be £978 million ($1.6 billion USD). The megalopolis will be built in two phases. The first, which is set …

  • 2 July

    U.S. DOE offers energy saving program for data centers

    The United States Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now initiative is offering a program to businesses to help them reduce data center energy consumption and save money. The program carries the standard government-issued unnecessarily long name: National Data Center Energy Efficiency Information Program, and offers fact sheets and presentations on …

  • 1 July

    Lenovo new servers rally against Dell, HP, and IBM

    Multinational computer giant Lenovo has announced the release of their new ThinkServer line of small to midsize business servers, featuring Intel Xeon 5500 processors. The servers will feature built-in virtualization from Microsoft, Novell, VMWare or Redhat, depending on customer preference. Their dual-socket version will allow up to 128 GB of …

June, 2009

  • 25 June

    Yahoo Battles for Data Center Efficiency

    You and I may only be concerned with how fast we can get our computers to load Photoshop or burn a DVD- not how much power they use or heat they generate- but when you have thousands of servers running in a data center, electricity and cooling become critical concerns. …

  • 17 June

    Iran Crisis Delays Twitter Data Center Upgrade

    With the Iranian government blocking most contact with the outside world in the midst of the election crisis, Twitter has become an important line of communication for activists and protesters. A network upgrade at Twitter’s data center was originally scheduled to take place Monday evening, but now the company has …