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June, 2010

  • 10 June

    Energy stars for data centers introduced

    US-based data centres can now earn the same energy star classification seen on many home appliances and white goods, after the EPA (Energy Protection Agency) launched a program specific to data centres. To qualify for the program and an energy star label, a data centre must be in the top …

  • 4 June

    Workers lose jobs as HP streamlines data centers with $1 billion

    Hewlett Packard is moving to consolidate and automate its data centers, and will cut about 9,000 jobs as it does so. HP will, however, hire about 6,000 new workers in sales and services, but the additional job cuts follow others that HP has made as part of its data centre …

  • 1 June

    eBay opens new data centre

    After closing its Sacramento data centre back in February, eBay has opened its new facilities in Utah. Data centres are still in high demand in Silicon Valley, and eBay decided to close its eight-year-old centre in favour of opening a newer and more energy efficient facility. The 250,000-bart new centre …

May, 2010

  • 24 May

    Opera commits to Iceland data center project

    Web browser maker Opera has announced plans to buy space in a new data center in Hafnarfjorour, Iceland. This isn’t just any data center, however. Dubbed the Thor Data Center, this facility is green and low-cost. It not only uses Iceland’s cool temperatures to air-cool servers, but is entirely container-based …

  • 21 May

    Methane-powered data center under construction in UK

    As most companies look to renewable energy sources like wind and and water, data center firm Infinity is building a facility to take advantage of a much different power source: methane from cows. The company is building a data center in East Anglia, England that will use biomaterial from local …

  • 19 May

    Cheap power turns small town into data center haven

    Quincy, Washington, is a small town home to no less than 5,044 people. Would you believe that this former railroad camp is attracting investment from companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google? Because of heavy tax incentives and cheap power, technology firms are flocking to Quincy. The town’s proximity to a …

  • 5 May

    Hot tub in the data center?

    As part of an advertising campaign, HP has released a rather funny video of… a hot tub in the data center. Three IT admins are having a meeting in the tub, which was supposedly bought with savings from buying HP management software. Of course this video isn’t meant to be …

April, 2010

  • 29 April

    Dell may never construct another data center

    As firms scramble to build more and more data centers, Dell recently surprised the industry with its announcement that it may never build another data center. The Texas computer company has found that it is cheaper to make use of existing resources rather than expand. Using virtualization, Dell has increased …

  • 28 April

    Data center hardware sales on the rise

    Data released in a report by TeleGeography shows that things are looking good for the data center industry. A total of $3.2 billion worth of switches were sold last quarter and international bandwidth usage has increased by 60%. Most of the growth in network traffic was seen in the Middle …

  • 20 April

    Google pioneers water recycling in the data center

    Data centers use a lot of water for cooling. A lot. According to one estimate, a 15-megawatt facility uses some 360,000 gallons of water per day! That’s why Google has been pioneering water recycling. Joe Kava of Google stated: You need a holistic approach to water management. Water consumption isn’t …

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