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December, 2009

  • 21 December

    How to setup email forwarders in cPanel

    Question: How can I use cPanel to forward emails sent to addresses in my domain to another email address? Answer: The web-based control panel called cPanel makes it easy to create email forwarders. A forwarder allows you to setup any number of virtual email addresses within your domain and then …

  • 3 December

    Gain access to cPanel from anywhere with JAP

    Many people who manage websites also have other jobs, and even those who do not frequently find themselves traveling and away from the comfort of their own home Internet connection. In such situations, users sometimes find themselves behind firewalls that prevent them from accessing certain services, including web hosting control …

  • 3 December

    cPanel hosting

    Many web hosts use a control panel called cPanel, a user interface that lets a customer access various services and aids in site administration. The largest hosts often use their own proprietary control panels, but I often recommend cPanel hosts because the software is so widely used. If you ever …

May, 2009

  • 22 May

    Which is Which Among Web Hosting Control Panels?

    A control panel is the interface used to interact with your web hosting account. Similar to the Control Panel feature in Windows, most day-to-day maintenance tasks are performed through one. Examples include creating accounts, managing MYSQL databases, and uploading files (if you don’t use FTP or SSH). Some hosts have …