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Although the exact sale price is unknown, a prominent domain auction house announced the sale of Slots.ca for over $200,000 USD. Sure, it’s not quite the same as Slots.com’s $5.5 million sale, but hey, it’s a start for Canada’s often forgotten .ca extension.

No information about the buyer is known, either. But this sale is important because it gives domainers a benchmark for the value of .ca domains. It is rare for the same .com and .ca domain to sell in a period of just a few months.

If you were to look at the sales and them as a basis for .ca’s value compared to .com, the .ca sale price is about 3.6% of the .com. Does this mean all .ca domains are worth 3.6% of their counterparts? Of course not. The market is often unpredictable and keywords differ in importance from place to place. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the sale to get an idea of how much you should pay for a .ca.

Canada auctions .ca domains at 2010 T.R.A.F.F.I.C in Vancouver https://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/1369/canada-auctions-ca-domains-at-2010-traffic-in-vancouver/ Wed, 02 Jun 2010 10:00:48 +0000 http://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/1369/canada-auctions-ca-domains-at-2010-traffic-in-vancouver/ 2010 TRAFFIC Vancouver

The 2010 T.R.A.F.F.I.C Vancouver event kicks off this month and the second day of the conference, June 9, sees a .ca auction take place. We could also see some significant .com domains for the Canadian market come on sale. So far the list includes:

Men.ca and Hommes.ca
Wakeboards.ca and Snowboards.ca
VancouverAttorneys.com and VancouverLawyers.com

Domain Convergence Conference in August https://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/275/domain-convergence-conference-in-august/ Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:26:22 +0000 http://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/273/domain-convergence-conference-in-august/ Domain ConvergenceRegistration is now open for the second annual Domain Convergence conference to take place in Toronto, August 13-14. It is a conference for domainers to learn from each other, share ideas, network, and acquire useful tools. The first event was held in Niagara Falls, Ontario. In addition to general domainer networking, the conference will feature a session about .ca country top-level domains.

“The idea for Domain Convergence was born from our local DomainerDinner events, where domainers get together for an evening of social networking and open information exchange. Domain Convergence is taking the social concept further and adds sessions that will provide you with valuable information and bring new ideas & partnerships.”

Early registration is C$ 649.00. This seems like an excellent opportunity for both experienced and new domainers interested in exchanging ideas. If you are in Canada or anywhere nearby, it might be worth your time if you can write the registration off as a business expense. As the domain landscape is quickly changing, particularly with the new gTLDs announced by ICANN, it is a good idea for domainers to begin meeting all over the world.

Source: DomainConvergence.com