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July, 2010

  • 14 July

    How to Remove Software in Linux

    remove software linux

    Question: How do I remote software that I installed from my Linux dedicated server? Answer: The answer to that question depends on how you installed the software in the first place. Once you establish how and where the software has been installed, you can determine how to remove it. 1. …

  • 12 July

    What is a Linux Package?

    linux package

    Question: I have a new Linux dedicated server, and I have read a lot of documentation referring to packages. What are Linux packages? Answer: In Linux distributions, a “package” refers to a compressed file archive containing all of the files that come with a particular application. The files are usually …

May, 2010

  • 24 May

    Software That Requires Perl Modules

    When you install perl applications on a server, they will invariably require you to install additional modules for support. This is part of the unfortunate reality of running perl applications. Typically, the required module names will be displayed like this, Date::Format or File::Tail. If you have ever tried to find …

  • 5 May

    Upgrade Your Server with APT

    Debian-based servers have a unique ability to easily upgrade from one major version to another without re-installation and will little reconfiguration. To begin you will need to specify the location of the new packages in /etc/apt/sources.list. In other words, APT will need to know where the new packages are. To …

March, 2010

  • 16 March

    Linux server dependencies

    Question: What are dependencies in Linux and how do I manage them? Answer: In any operating system, an program requires other programs, drivers, and libraries of files to run. The program depends on those files, so they are called dependencies. Many commercial vendors will packages the dependencies in the installation …

January, 2010

  • 12 January

    How to manually install stubborn APT packages

    Question: What do I do when I get the following error with apt-get: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/packagename_0.80.1-1_all.deb : trying to overwrite ‘libsomething.1.0.so, which is also in “libotherpackage”? Answer: These types of errors can be very annoying when trying to upgrade packages on a Linux server with apt-get. Sometimes these can be …

December, 2009

  • 11 December

    Fixing APT problems

    Question: I get an error on my server with apt-get, and it will not let me install any new packages. What should I do? Answer: Depending on the error, there are a number of solutions you can try. The first is to tell APT to resolve any unfinished transactions or …

  • 7 December

    How to perform upgrades with apt

    Question: What is the difference between apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade? Answer: Apt-get upgrade is designed to update your Linux server packages to their latests versions. It will only upgrade the packages that are currently installed. Apt-get dist-upgrade will not only upgrade the current packages but will also install any …

  • 4 December

    Searching for applications with APT

    Using “apt-get install” works perfectly well as long as you know the name of an application, but if you do not, it becomes a guessing game. Fortunately, APT has a search tool you can use to find the applications or types of applications you need for your Linux server. APT …

  • 4 December

    Installing applications with APT

    In a previous post, I explained how to install APT on a Linux server that does not have it. In this post, you learn how to use APT on any server that has it installed. Debian and Debian-based distributions, such as Ubuntu, use APT by default. The basic command for …