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July, 2010

  • 27 July

    Server Hosting Tips

    server hosting tips

    Web hosting is a vast subject, and we have covered many areas of the topic over the past year. Here are a few tips to help you keep your server in the best web hosting shape possible. 1. Keep backups of all data, both account storage and databases. If possible, …

March, 2010

  • 16 March

    Linux server dependencies

    Question: What are dependencies in Linux and how do I manage them? Answer: In any operating system, an program requires other programs, drivers, and libraries of files to run. The program depends on those files, so they are called dependencies. Many commercial vendors will packages the dependencies in the installation …

February, 2010

  • 12 February

    Virtual machine memory allocation

    Question: How much memory will I need to run virtual machines on my server? Answer: There is no simple answer to this question. Generally speaking, to virtualize an operating system you need at least as much RAM as is normally required to run the OS independently. Therefore, if your OS …

December, 2009

  • 14 December

    To X or not to X

    Question: Show I run X.org on my Linux-based dedicated server? Answer: When you are running a dedicated server, especially one with live websites, there is always a lot to learn. From domain name servers (DNS) to mail server configuration, you may find yourself with little time for anything else. One …

August, 2009

  • 7 August

    Microsoft acquires Office.com domain

    On Thursday Microsoft announced their purchase of Office.com, a domain previously owned by ContactOffice, an online office service. The next version of Microsoft’s office suite, Office 2010, reportedly includes a web-based version. The web-based version will be part of their Windows Live service and will be compatible with browsers other …

May, 2009

  • 12 May

    What to look for in a Linux server

    If you have decided to move your company’s web sites to a dedicated server, there is a good chance that you have chosen a Linux-based operating system to run on it. Linux, a free and open source alternative to proprietary operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or variants of UNIX, …