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September, 2009

  • 1 September

    Free DNS Tools for Web Hosting

    Inevitably, there are times when you need to do troubleshooting of your web and email services, or you simply need to make sure all of your network services are operating correctly. For years, I have relied on one free service to handle most of my DNS needs. It is called …

August, 2009

  • 13 August

    HostingCon: DemoWolf Releases 217 New Tutorials

    DemoWolf is a web hosting tutorial provider that offers a wide range of tutorials on all types of hosting services and software. Their tutorials include: control panels (such as Cpanel and H-Sphere), PayPapl, PuTTY, Photoshop, DNS, FTP, phpMyAdmin, Drupal, Joomla, and many others. The tutorials are flash-based, offering both text-based …

  • 3 August

    Internet Engineers to Open Source Secure DNS

    In an effort to speed up adoption of DNSSEC, a group of interested Internet engineers has created the OpenDNSSEC project with the intention of creating an open source version of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). The project leaders hope that this will make it easier for organizations to adopt …

June, 2009

  • 2 June

    PIR to introduce new security for .ORG

    The Public Interest Registry (PIR), the non-profit organization responsible for managing .org top-level domains (TLD), will announce today that it is adopting DNS security extensions called DNSSEC. Domain Name System Security Extensions is a set of extensions that helps domain name systems (DNS) verify the integrity and security of data. …

May, 2009

  • 4 May

    DDos Attacks on the Rise

    Over the last six months, Internet security experts have observed an increase in Distributed Denial of Service of Attacks (DDos). DDoS attacks occur when an attacker uses a large number of compromised computers to send tiny pieces of data, often as small as a 52-byte ping, to a server. So …