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Rolling Your Own Kernel: Pros and Cons

Generally speaking, it is a sound idea to keep the default packages, kernel, and drives installed on your server when you first purchased it or when you first installed your Linux-based operating system. Recompiling a kernel is usually something taken up by adventurers and computer science students. Despite that general …

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System Rescue CD for Linux

Running your own server can sometimes be a headache. For many, running a data center, even one that only has one server, can be a nightmare. When something goes wrong, all of the responsibility to fix it falls on you. The plus side of such a situation, however, is that …

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Adding Third-Party APT Repositories

On Debian-based Linux servers, APT is the package manager of choice. By default, running apt-get will connect to the Linux distribution’s main package repository. In most situations, this is enough, but there are situations where you might want to add additional repositories. For example, if you are using a special …

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Linux Server Command Line FTP

For desktop computers, graphical FTP clients allow users to connect to their websites and upload files. Essentially, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most common method of publishing your web content to your website. Although many users rely heavily on dynamic websites, such as blogs, to update their sites from …

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Joomla Security Tips Part 3


In the two previous parts of the Joomla security series, we looked at various configuration settings both prior and after installation. Here are some important security steps to take during installation. 1. Move the configuration.php outside of the root document directory. For example, if you directory is /home/user/www/public_html, you can …

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Smokescreen to Create Flash-free Ads

When it was officially announced that the iPhone would never have Flash player installed, Apple users moaned. When Steve Jobs denounced Flash and swore that the iPad would also be Flash-free, people began to become concerned. For animation and video, Flash currently reigns supreme on the Web, but it has …

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Migration from One OS to Another

Migrating a server is never really a good idea, but in some cases, it may be just what you need for business growth or website stability and security. Depending on your needs, you may be switch from Windows to Linux, Linux to Windows, Solaris to BSD, or any number of …

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More Joomla Security Tips

joomla sucirity

Yesterday, I highlighted some of the critical Joomla security issues that you should consider. Here are a few more you should add to your list: All of these can be set within your local php.ini directory (if your server allows it), rather than manipulating the global one for the server. …

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Joomla Security Tips

Joomla is a powerful free and open source content management system. It has become very popular, and many web hosting provider offer instant installer scripts that can automatically install Joomla onto a customer’s website. In certain, situations, however, you may prefer to install Joomla yourself. When you do, there are …

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