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POP3, IMAP, and Webmail

When signing up for web hosting, a new user will encounter a lot of new jargon. Among those many new terms are: POP3, IMAP, and Webmail. All three are related to how a mail server delivers and presents email. Although webmail is becoming one of the more popular choices, with …

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Opera to turn browser into web server

Opera is introducing a new service called Opera Unite that will run a tiny web server on a user’s computer, allowing them to sharing media over he web. The services are loaded on demand and can share files, stream MP3’s and share photos. Users can even create their own web …

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Fedora Linux 11 Released

Fedora, a free and open source Linux-based operating system that powers many of the world’s web servers, has released a new version. Among the highlights are its new virtualization features that make it easy for users to switch between the host operating system and the virtual operating system. They have …

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Unix operating system turns 40

The operating system that once powered nearly every server in the world and is still a household name in IT, turned 40, according to a ComputerWorld feature. Just as people often ask for Kleenex when they will actually accept any tissue or Coke when they will settle for Pepsi or …

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EU may push Microsoft to bundle competing web browsers

The European Union has been decrying Microsoft anti-competitive practices for some time now, but the situation might be headed for more volatile waters. For over a decade, Microsoft has been bundling its web browser, Internet Explorer, with every copy it sells of Microsoft Windows. In 1998, the United States filed …

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