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Facebook: a success after another

facebook success

Zuckerberg and his great visionary ability we have spoken several times, keeping track of innovations and of the manyfeatures that were made almost every month from the most popular Social Network in the world. The one where we never thought enough was a general picture of those who over the …

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Facebooks hits 500 million users

social network

According to PC World, social networking site Facebook now has half a billion users. To put in perspective, only China and India have more people than Facebook has users. Statistics posted by the news site reveal that 35.4% of North Americans and 17% of Europeans log onto Facebook every month. …

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Pakistan Facebook ban lifted

unblock facebook pakistan

After protests over images of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad were posted on a Facebook page, the Pakistani government had banned access to the social networking site. The ban has since been lifted on the material, deemed offensive to Muslims, having been removed. The incident sparks questions, though, over just how the …

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Facebook social networking king according to Google

Facebook Google according

Figures recently released indicate that Facebook is the number one social networking site in the world, outstripping competitors and flying in the face of privacy concerns surrounding the social networking phenomenon. According to Google figures, Facebook now enjoys visits from more than 35 percent of the internet population, amounting to …

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Create your own social networking site

If you hope to compete with Facebook, LinkedIn, or even MySpace, stop reading now. I am not promising anything like that, but in some cases, you might want to make a small social network for a particular student group, organization, niche market, city or town, or people with particular cultural …

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