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How to create a tmp partition in Linux

As we mentioned in a previous post, setting up extra partitions beyond the standard Linux partitions can have certain security and performance benefits. One of the major directories that you should consider partitioning is the /tmp directory. In Linux, temporary files are stored there and accessed when applications need to …

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Sudo vs. SU

The “su” command is what a Linux user with proper permissions uses to ascend to the root administrator account. A secure SSH server will not allow direct root login, so the user must gain root after initial login. The “sudo” command is an alternative to using a separate root user …

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Symantec: China is number-one source of malware


According to a recent study conducted by Symantec, more malware originates from China than any other country– 28.2%, in fact. Close behind China is Romania, which is responsible for 21.1% of malware. Next was the United States at 13.8%. Symantec found that although the majority of malware appears to come …

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How do I block clusters of IP addresses?

Question: How do I block clusters of IP addresses? Answer: Although we previously illustrated a method of blocking single IP addresses using an .htaccess file, it is important to know a few things. 1. Many hackers use proxies and other methods to use fake IP addresses. Blocking the one they …

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Severe OpenSSL security vulnerability announced

Web server administrators should take notice of a “severe” vulnerability that computer scientists have discovered in OpenSSL, the free and open source encryption software package for Linux and Unix-like systems. The bug is in OpenSSL’s cryptographic library and vulnerability allows attackers to retrieve a server’s cryptographic key, leaving any secure …

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Half of SSL websites may not be safe

According to Comodo Dragon, a new open source web browser, more than half of all sites using SSL certificates may be unsafe. This is because these days, it’s very easy to buy an SSL certificate and validate your website. This trend is mainly a result of a huge spike in …

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