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Monitoring your server from your iPhone

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Picture this. You’re on the go, traveling, working, going on a date, or even just taking a nap, and you suddenly start getting phone calls. Little do you know that those phone calls are from angry customers or your boss. The server went down two hours ago, but you had no idea what was going on.

Many of us in the IT industry, particularly server administrators, have experienced a scenario like this one. It could be something small. Maybe Apache just needs a restart, but instead of it being a small issue, your stakeholders blow it out of proportion. Rather than getting upset with them and possibly losing your job, why not put your iPhone to use?

Root Internet, an Internet service company, offers an iPhone server monitoring tool. It pings HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, SMTP, DNS, POP3, IMAP, MySQL, and custom TCP/IP services that you specify. When your server experiences trouble, you will receive a notification on your iPhone, through email, and even a text message. Now you can rest easy and enjoy your vacation time – that is until the next disaster strikes.

Source: Apple.com
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