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Tips to sell a domain

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At one point or another, you will inevitably want to sell a domain you have registered. You may be doing so to collect on an investment, simply not need the name, or have been approached by a third party. Either way, here are some tips to follow when selling a domain:

1. Watch out for scams.
If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. There are all sorts of con artists out there looking to snatch domains from unsuspecting people. Always research the buyer and avoid payment methods like Western Union or wire transfer. If necessary, use a safe escrow service.

2. Contact potential buyers directly.
Believe it or not, but your largest market of buyers probably won’t know about your name unless you contact them. Domain auction sites are a good second-resort, but first, contact potential buyers in your industry. Find relevant sites and companies and tell them your name is for sale. You could very well end up getting a higher price and avoid auction site fees this way.

3. Wait for the right moment.
Let time be on your side. Don’t try to sell christmascards.com in January, for instance. Rather than give in to the first offer made, don’t be afraid to wait until the right buyer comes along. At the same time, make sure you sell before the market for your name goes sour.

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