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Ch.org sells for $21,925

Two-character domain ch.org sold at auction this weekend for $21,925 USD. While names this short are valuable, good luck finding much of a use for a name like this one. Perhaps a non-profit that has a “CH” acronym could find a use for it, but besides that, who else would want it? Last time I checked, “chorg” isn’t a word in the dictionary, either. Some two and three letter domains are highly overvalued.

Some other recent sales include bookee.com for $8,000, loveswept.com for $3,400, and boldcasino.com for €2,500. IDN zájezdy.eu (Czech for “tours”) also fetched € 1,463. Out of this group, loveswept.com has great potential. Dating sites are always popular. Assuming that Czech tourism picks up, zájezdy.eu isn’t too bad of a name, either.

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