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How to setup a virtual host in Apache on a Mac OS X Server

OS X Leopard logoSo far we have covered Linux, Windows, BSD, and Solaris. Another server operating system worth mentioning is Mac OS X Server. Although most tend to think of OS X as a desktop OS, there is a server version that has the same Unix-like structure and stability as other BSD distributions. The main difference is that it has customized visual configuration utilities.

A virtual host allows an administrator to host multiple websites on a single box. By default, Apache will only host one site. There are three steps to configuring a virtual host in Apache. They are:

1. Edit the DNS
2. Create the stie folder
3. Configure the virtual host

This is standard for Apache, but the process differs depending on the operating system. For example, on Mac OS X, the default folder for websites is /Library/WebServer, which is drastically different from the /var/www common on many Linux distributions. You can change this setting and many others to suit your preferences. For the the full how-to wiki article, see macos-x-server.com.

Source: macos-x-server.com”>macos-x-server.com

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