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Installing software on an OpenSolaris server

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Continuing with our tour of server operating systems, today we will take a look at Sun Microsystems’ OpenSolaris, the free and open source version of the popular Unix-based Solaris OS. Those who experience with other Unix or Linux servers should find much of OpenSolaris familiar. Nevertheless, there are some key differences.

One of the first things you will want to do with a new OpenSolaris dedicated server would be to install software. The command for installing packages is “pkg”. For example, if you wanted to install mysql, you would type from the command line:

pfexec pkg install SUNWmysql

To install the complete PHP, MySQL, and Apache stack, install the meta package called “amp”.

pfexec pkg install amp

The same command “pkg install” can be used for upgrading packages, and it will automatically upgrade any of the packages dependencies as well. For more information about installing packages in OpenSolaris, see the Sun website.

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