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Hide Apache version from outside requests

Apache Software Foundation LogoQuestion: Is there a way to hide the version of Apache running on my server?

Answer: Yes, there certainly is, and there is a good reason to do so. While the version of Apache running on your server might be inconsequential to the average, it could be ammunition in the sneaky minds of would-be hackers. If they know which version of Apache you are running, they also know what vulnerabilities you have.

Ideally, you will always have the latest, most secure version, but security holes pop up and spread very quickly in the Internet underground, sometimes even before developers and security watchdogs can find them.

To hide your Apache version from all visitors, simply add two directive to your, Apache configuration file. On Redhat-based systems, you need to edit httpd.conf, which is found in the /etc/httpd directory. Find these two lines or add them:

ServerTokens ProductOnly
ServerSignature Off

That is all it takes. Now outside users will not be able to see what version of Apache server you are running no matter what software they have.

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