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CookingGames.com sells for $350,000

In what is likely the biggest sale so far this year, CookingGames.com has sold for £219,628 ($350,000 USD). At first I thought there was no market for the name, then I was surprised to find there actually is a large niche for online cooking games.

In addition, Pagani.com (Italian for “pagans”) sold for $35,000 and Find.net garnered $25,000, a huge jump from the $6,024 it initially sold for in 2005. HomeBars.com also sold in a private sale for $25,000. Here are some more sales:

ValentinesDayGifts.com- $31,000
Healthbooks.com- $22,337
Booking.com.ar- $21,170
XOX.com- $20,000
Wordpress.pro- $12,099

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