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How to disable dynamic updates in BIND DNS

DNS zone edit
BIND (also called NameD) is the DNS system for most Unix-like and Linux networked servers. It controls all of the DNS functionality on those servers and thus needs to be secure. Dynamic updates allow remote servers to add, delete, or modify zone entries in DNS records. While there may be situations where this is necessary, it is better to disable it if you do not need it.

If you decide you need it, you can find more information about making it secure at Crypt.Gen.NZ. To disable dynamic updates, edit the named.conf file and edit each domain zone, setting “allow-update” to “note”

zone "globberific.net" IN {
allow-update { none; };

That is all it takes, although it is probably wise to do this before you end up with a lot of entries and have to go through each one and painstakingly remove all dynamic updates. Regardless, getting it done will give you a little more peace of mind.

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