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If my .com is taken, what is the next-best extension?

Usually if a domain you planned to register is taken, the .com version is the first to become unavailable. You have your heart set on that phrase, but don’t know what alternative extension to use out of the dozens of choices. Which should you pick?

I ran into this problem a few weeks ago when I wanted to register danielfoster.com, but found it was taken. The first alternate extensions that came to my mind were .net, .org, .info, .biz, and .us, and .name. In any circumstance, I would pick .net over all the others. I ended up doing this, but if my site could possible fall under the “goodwill” category, I would have opted for .org. If I had an American company, I may have settled for the .us ccTLD. In the UK, the .co.uk ccTLD would have been a no-brainer or in Germany, .de. Under no circumstances would I have registered a .biz or a .info.

The domain extension you register says a lot about your site. It appears in search engines, directories, and advertising– and is often the only part of your website people ever see. So make it good, really good.

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