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Fixing YUM dependency problems: Part 2

YUM update CentOS
You have already tried “yum clean all” and you still are getting dependency errors. These errors can only mean that you have something that is installed that should not be or you need manually install the dependency to whatever package you must have despite YUM‘s warnings.

In case of the latter, you can find the package and install it manually with rpm. First, if you think the package is already there, you can try reinstalling it:

rpm -ivh —replacepkgs name-of-package.rpm

If that does not work, you may need to force the installation, ignoring any errors:

rpm -ivh --force name-of-package.rpm

Finally, you can also instruct rpm to ignore dependency problems:

rpm -ivh --nodeps name-of-package.rpm

The fact of the matter is, however, that all of this could lead you deeper into the abyss than you already were. The best solution is to avoid the problem, and if that is too late, back track and remove the offending package.

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