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World Web Foundation launches

world web foundation logoThe World Web Foundation, a venture of web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, officially launched today. The goal of the organization is to create programs intded increase Internet usage worldwide.

Steve Bratt, CEO of the WWF, stated:

The whole mission of the Web Foundation is to advance the Web as a medium for empowerment for people and helping them to make positive changes in their communities and lives. My interest is that we need to take a step closer to people and institute new programs that work directly with people to address current barriers to using the Web.

The foundation is ready to begin two new campaigns. One, the Web Alliance for Re-greening in Africa (W4RA), will help African farmers obtain agricultural data through the web. The other, the Brazil-based Center for Digital Inclusion (CDI), is designed to promote Internet literacy.

World Web is also working on a new standard called VoiceXML that will make accessing the Internet from cell phones much easier. According to Bratt, it allows a website to act like a call center and work in response to voice commands. While web browsers are available on smartphones all over North America and Europe, this technology is widely unavailable in the developing world.

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