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New ModSecurity Book

ModSecurity 2.5 coverModSecurity, a free and open source application firewall, is one of the best in the industry. Packt Publishing will soon be releasing a book about the software called ModSecurity 2.5 by Magnus Mischel.

“This book is written for system administrators or anyone running an Apache web server who wants to learn how to secure that server. It assumes that you are familiar with using the Linux shell and command-line tools, but does its best to explain everything so that those who are not Linux experts can make full use of ModSecurity. “

According to its website, the book will teach a number of useful skills, including: compiling ModSecurity from source and installing in Linux, locating the geographical location of an attacker, putting Apache in a chroot jail, and much more.

In the coming weeks, I will post a review of the book. Be sure to check back soon.

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