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Poken.com bought for $75,000

Poken manufacturer DoYouPoken.com has bought the domain Poken.com for £45,135 ($75,000 USD). It will serve as the new home for the social gadget site.

Pokens are devices used to share social networking data and contact information. They allow two people to wirelessly beam these details to one another in a manner similar to exchanging business cards.

Other recent sales:

dmg.com- $64,000
it.de- €36,100
onlinebingo.fr- €36,000
d.de- €35,000
clubbeats.com- $25,000
miel.com- $15,000 (Spanish for “honey”)
inkpixie.com- $11,200
winzer.com- €10,000 (German for “grape picker”)

Source | Domain Name Wire
Photo | Flickr

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