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What are symbolic links in Linux?

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Question: What are symbolic links in Linux?

Answer: Linux has a convenient feature that allows you to link a virtual file to a real one. For example, if you have a directory called “images” and you also want one called “photos” to point to the same place, you need to make a symbolic link.

To create a symbolic link, first login to your server via SSH. For this example, let’s assume your real file is called “testdummy” in /home/public_html, and you want a file called “crash” in /home/public_html/dummies to link to it. Follow these simple steps:

1. $ cd /home/public_html/dummies
2. $ ln -s /home/public_html/testdummy crash
3. $ ls -al (this will show you whether you correctly link the file.
It should show crash -> ../testdummy)

That is all it takes to make symbolic links. Use the same process to link a directory.

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