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What are "Man" pages?

rsync man page
Question: What is a “man” page?

Answer: Linux and other Unix-like operating systems usually have hundreds of commands that a user can execute from the command line. When running a dedicated server, there are a few that you will use regularly, but there may be instances when you need to try out a new one. Learning how to use it can be quite a task.

Man (or manual) pages are designed to make learning a little easier. For example, if you want to learn how to use rsync to backup your files, simply type “man rsync” from the command line. A typical man page will have a synopsis of the command, a description, general information, setup, usage techniques, examples, and a detailed lists of options.

You can scroll through man pages with the arrow keys or page through them with “Page Up” and “Page Down”. When you are finished reading, press “Q” to quit. If you want to view Linux manuals while not logged into your server and do not have Linux at home, try visiting linuxmanpages.com.

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