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The "setup" command in Redhat, Fedora, and CentOS

CentOS setup
In Linux, most server configuration files are located in /etc. Most of them are text files, and although it is fairly easy to edit them, Redhat-based distributions have a handy graphical ncurses program that allows the dedicated server system administrator to handle certain tasks.

The program is simply called setup and is available by default in Redhad Enterprise Linux, Fedora, and CentOS. It includes the following options:

Authentication – Password management and configuration
Firewall – Setup iptables and determine which ports to allow through the firewall
Keyboard – This one is not relevant on a remote server
System service – Decide which services are started when the system boots
Timezone – Set the correct timezone for the server (very important for websites with dynamic content)
X configuration – For the graphical X system, not normally relevant on a remote server.

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