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What is a subdomain?

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Question: What is a subdomain and why should I use one?

Answer: A subdomain is simply a word used as a prefix before a domain name. For example, if the domain is domain.com, a subdomain could be sub.domain.com. Typically, a subdomain would serve as an alternative to domain.com/sub, although if the user’s control panel permits, it could represent an entirely different user account.

There is really no particular reason why you should definitely use a subdomain. It is mostly a matter of preference; however, it might be useful to you if you have other users on your hosting account who need their own web space. Having their prefix before the domain helps give the appearance that they have their own website.

Subdomains are typically configured through DNS records and/or Apache rewrite scripts. Assuming your control panel handles their creation, you will never have to worry about either.

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