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Resumes.com sells for $400,000

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Given the increasingly competitive job market, career-related sites have become very popular as of late. It’s no wonder then that resumes.com just sold for £243,305 ($400,000 USD).

The name could be used for a resume-building site, but also a job directory like Yahoo’s Monster.com.

Other recent sales:

browsergame.com- $30,000
tdylodging.com- $20,000
musica4all.com- €18,000
id5.com- €9,900
ealing.com- £8,500
pornvault.com- $8,000
universal-networks.com- $7,950

One sale I have to question is browsergame.com for $30,000. Sure, web-based games are popular, but how many people call them browser games?

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