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Save money with a semi-managed server

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The vast majority of dedicated server owners don’t have the time or experience to handle complex system administration tasks, but fully managed servers can be quite expensive. For those with a bit of computer know-how on a budget, semi-managed servers are a popular alternative.

With a semi-managed server, the most difficult and time-intensive tasks are left up to the host. Some providers will even go so far as to install software for you and help set up DNS servers. The customer will generally be left to take care of more common-sense tasks like changing control panel settings, installing scripts, and dealing with site errors.

Semi-managed hosting is best suited for customers who only need help with complex tasks that are not very routine. Think about it in terms of car maintenance: you would be expected to change the oil and replace windshield wipers, but the host would repair the engine and swap out the transmission. If you opt for a semi-managed server, expect to save 15%-40% compared to the price of a similar managed server.

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