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What is a cgi-bin directory?

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Question: What is the purpose of a cgi-bin directory?

Answer: CGI programs running on a server must be executable. While this allows the user to run server-side scripts, including convenient free ones found on the web, it also presents a security risk. Most virtual hosting situations restrict execution of Perl scripts (and possibly other types) to one directory, usually called cgi-bin.

By doing this, scripts can be regulated from having access to the rest of the server, and users will not have to worry about setting the same type of restrictions on other directories. Attackers will always be limited in the amount of damage they could do with invasive scripts.

Apache HTTP Server does not enable CGI by default. If your web hosting provider has not enabled CGI, ask them to see if it can be enabled. For information about enabling it on your own server, see this site.

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