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An extension you will probably never be able to register

It’s not uncommon for ccTLDs to have strict residency requirements. While this limits a domain’s growth, it stops foreign interests from taking all the good names and keeps the extension open to residents.

Such is the case with .aq, the ccTLD for Antarctica. Barring the extensions of a few Communist countries and islands, it is probably the least-used suffix. In order to apply for a .aq, the registrant must have a physical presence on or be geographically close to the continent.

Because of this harsh registration criteria, .aq is only available to a large population of penguins and a few scientific outposts. One notable exception is Australia’s Heard Island, which is far enough south to qualify for the name heardisland.aq. A number of organisations promoting conservation and biodiversity on the continent also use the extension.

In short, feel free to register a .aq, but be sure to pack your parka!

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