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Common Apache Error Codes

Internal Server Error
Whether you are running a dedicated server, a reseller business, or just a shared hosting website, you will undoubtedly encounter a few errors now and then. Knowing what each error code means can go a long way. Below are some common Apache web server error codes:

404 Not Found

This can either mean that the document on the server is no longer there, was never there, or the user typed in the address incorrectly.

503 Temporarily Unavailable

You should not see this often, as it means that the user is having trouble connecting to the site. If it happens often, there may be network issues. Check with your hosting provider.

403 Forbidden

This means that the user is not allowed to see the file. If this is a mistake, check the file permissions to make sure it is viewable by the outside world.

500 Internal Server Error

Probably the most dreaded error code of all, this could be the result any number of issues. Usually, it is related to an error in a CGI script. It could be Perl or even PHP, depending on your server configuration. You will need to check log files and investigate to resolve this error.

It is a good idea to check Apache’s error logs and your web stats from time to time to see if there are repeated error codes. If you have tons of 404 Not Found errors, it means that there is something popular on your website that people cannot access, which is never a good thing.

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