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Free and Open Source Control Panels

Virtualmin screenshot
Question: I’m starting my own custom web server and want to use a free web hosting control panel. Can you name a few?

Answer: Unfortunately, the list of free hosting panels is not very long, but there are a few quality choices out there. Here they are in no particular order.

1. ISPConfig is a BSD licensed control panel that has option commercial support. It runs on Most popular server Linux distributions.

2. Virtualmin is the hosting component of Webmin, which is a complete server management system. It also includes optional commercial support and is licensed under the GPL.

3. RavenCore is one of the newer control panels that uses a lot of the open source tools already available rather than reinventing the wheel, much like Virtualmin.

4. EHCP stands for Easy Hosting Control Panel and is one of the newest. It is released under the GPL and relies heavily on PHP. It is also highly specific, designed to run on Ubuntu and other Debian-based systems.

All of these are free to download, install, and modify. Enjoy!

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