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Avoid bandwidth overage fees with an unmetered server

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The last thing any dedicated server owner wants to see at the end of the month is a bandwidth overage fee. Data transfer is expensive, and server providers levy hefty charges to customers who use more than their allotted amount. If this is something you are worried about, consider renting an unmetered server.

These servers cost about the same as a typical box, except there are no charges for data transfer usage. There are two types of unmetered servers. One provides a shared connection, while the other boasts a dedicated connection. Knowing the difference between the two is vital.

A shared connection is used by most server providers. Several servers share a single connection. This is important to know because a company will advertise a speed– say 100 mbps– but split it between multiple servers. Thus a server would get less than that speed, usually anywhere from 10-40 mbps. The speed depends on how many servers you are sharing with.

Most servers run on a shared connection, but for those with true bandwidth hunger, dedicated lines are available. These range in speed from 5 mbps up to 1 gbps, but cost a hefty amount. Expect the monthly fee to exceed the price of the server hardware!

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