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CADNA calls for audit of ICANN

cadna logoCADNA, a non-profit organization often at odds with ICANN, has called for a full audit of the Internet governing agency– exactly one week before the expiration of the JPA.

CADNA wants the government to carefully investigate ICANN’s policies, structure, governance, and oversight methods before any changes are made to the JPA. Josh Bourne, President of CADNA, said:

ICANN is broken. We’re releasing our “Top Ten List” of things wrong with ICANN and proposing a full- scale audit of the nonprofit organization that controls Internet policy.

The “Top Ten List” explains ten problems the government would find wrong with ICANN if a full examination of the agency were conducted:

1. ICANN is a captured regulator
2. ICANN is not independent
3. ICANN is not transparent
4. ICANN is more interested in making a profit than working for the benefit of Internet users
5. ICANN is not accessible
6. ICANN is failing to address numerous issues corrupting the Internet
7. ICANN’s proposed gTLD rollout is poorly conceived
8. ICANN is not looking at itself critically
9. ICANN is risking cybersecurity, national security, and global security
10. ICANN’s relationship with the US government does not span all relevant agencies

Personally, I feel CADNA has a point. ICANN has a very poor track record and their motives are often open to question. I think the Internet would be a much better place if the government paid more attention to ICANN.

Source | SOA World

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