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The danger of free WYSIWYG editors

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In an effort to sign up customers, web hosts these days offer an array of freebies with their plans. One common inclusion is a What-You-
See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor. These tools promise to create professional-looking websites for users with no HTML knowledge, but more often than not, are a waste of time.

A WYSIWYG editor should work well enough for a small website with little content, but this does not characterize most sites on the web today. From my experience, these editors are too inconsistent to get quality results

They generate buggy code that may not work in all browsers, aren’t very user-friendly, and don’t work well with templates. During my early days on the web I tried working with several, only to find I could do what I needed to get faster the old-fashioned way.

Don’t be lured into signing up with a host because they offer a WYSIWYG editor. Your time would be much better spent learning HTML, which most people can do in less than a week.

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