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The caveats of free blog hosting

Blogs are all the rage these days. It seems like everyone and their dog has one. Not able to justify the expense of web hosting, many new bloggers have turned to free hosts specially designed for blogs only. While it’s a good way for some to save money, there are a number of reasons why a serious blogger should never host on a free service.

1. No domains allowed
No matter how well-read your site is, you will always be stuck on a subdomain. Most free blog hosts do not allow domain names. This is not only an inconvenience, but means all backlinks will point to the subdomain given to you by your provider. For instance, if Nancy wanted to move to a paid host and register nancysblog.com, she would find that she lost all the links and visitors to her freely hosted site, nancytoday.freebloghost.com.

2. No ads allowed
Check the requirements of your free provider. Some large notable hosts do allow users to display their own advertisements, but many place restrictions on the type of ads and how many you can place on your blog.

3. You could be a billboard for someone else’s ad
Even worse, some free blog hosts will make you display their ads on your page in order to pay for the service.

4. Freely hosted blogs aren’t professional.
If you are serious about blogging, then shelling out a few pounds each month for a real web host shouldn’t be a big deal.

5. Overcome limitations
A paid web host will give you more privileges and features, such as greater control over themes, layout customization, plug-ins, and general site administration. Most free services severely limit what their users can do for security reasons.

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