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Sex in the data center?

server admin sexy pose
The average data center technician is called to perform a number of duties. These include troubleshooting with customers, replacing system hardware, installing Linux kernel updates, and rebooting equipment. One system admin on Yahoo Answers, however, seems to have a much different view of this job:

I am a night technician at a fairly large data center in the silicone valley. I am a very reliable employee, but there is often nothing to do and I find myself sexting my girlfriend on MSN at work.

Needless to say, this is getting old. The data center is loud, full of tall server racks, and no one ever goes in there. Do you think it would be ok to have sex with my gf in there?

Most responders to the question seem less than sympathetic, telling the poster to do his job and find another place for intercourse. One insightful individual, however, is quite right in stating that the data center isn’t monitored enough if such activity can go on unnoticed.

It sounds like this guy will be spending more time troubleshooting his girlfriend tonight than any server that is unlucky enough to go out.

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