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Ban on the Word "Bank" in .SE Domains

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The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) has banned the use of the word “bank” in any .SE domains, except for those companies granted permission to use it. Furthermore, any combination of the letters b,a,n, and k are apparently also banned. Presumably, permission will be granted to those organizations which are actually banks. The question that one must ask is whether or not a website that lists banks in a directory or happens to have the word bank in the company’s name will still be allowed to register *bank.se domains.

They are insisting that the restrictions be implemented at the time of registration so that anyone who attempts to register a .SE domain with the word “bank” in it will simply be denied. I can only guess that those with legitimate cause for using such a domain would have to jump through hoops to get approved. This outlines a problem that plagues organizations trying to crack down on fraudulent activities with unreasonably harsh restrictions. The only ones who get inconvenienced are the honest customers.

PTS argues that they are protecting people from financial fraud (such as phishing) by restricting who can use the word “bank”. In reality, all they are doing is making it more difficult for real banks to register domains. Those who wish to steal identities and financial information will simply find other means. PTS’ approach only addresses the symptoms rather than offering a cure.

Source: CircleID
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