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WorstDomains.com offers the "absolute worst domain names there are"

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Couldn’t find a good deal at the Domain Name Dollar Store? Why not try WorstDomains.com, where you can “stand out from the crowd” with one of their dreadful, overpriced names.

Capitalize on prime real estate with domains like UnderneathTheRefrigerator.com ($400.00) or BoiseIduho.com for only $149.99! Want to get involved in typosquatting? Register prime misspellings like MisteryTheetire.com ($99.95), HySkewl.com ($275.00), or ChampeanshopFutball.com ($99.95).

The site stands behind its domains, claiming that if a worse one is found, it will buy back your purchase and refund the price paid. The parody even goes so far as to malign a fake competitor, TerribleDomains.com, which offers names just as bad for six-figure prices.

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