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Back it up once, back it up twice

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If you own an Internet business and haven’t backed-up your data lately, you’re simply encouraging a disaster waiting to happen. Whether you own a dozen servers or have a small shared hosting account, at any time something could go wrong and your data could become history.

Why should you care about backing-up? According to a government study, a staggering 93% of companies that lose their data for a period longer than ten days end up filing for bankruptcy within a year. Of that number, half file immediately.

Yet many people do not make back-ups, or expect their web host to do so for them. All reputable hosts archive data regularly, but this is at the server level. They generally do not permit customer access to these back-ups. I’ve heard many horror stories over the years about a site being hacked or a web host closing where the victim failed to appropriately back-up his data.

Do yourself a favor and avert disaster by performing regular back-ups. It may not be immediately useful, but some day you will need the back-up and be thankful for it.

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