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ICANN: New Policy Has Reduced Domain Tasting

In past years, if you made a mistake when registering a domain name, whether a spelling mistake or some other type of mishap, you had five days to return the domain and get a refund from your registrar. This is called the Add Grace Period. ICANN would refund the registrar the cost of the domain. Some professional domainers, however, abused the Add Grace Period.

The domainers would register a large chunk of domains, create ad websites, and then monitor them. The websites that generated more ad revenue than the cost of the domains were kept, and the ones that were not profitable were dropped, all within the 5-day period. The practice is called “domain tasting”. It is a nuisance to legitimate domain customers who want to register the domains because they are unavailable during the process.

In an effort to combat domain tasting, last year ICANN introduced new policies that included not refunding registrars the fee for registries and making it more expensive for registrars by charging them $6.75 or more. The new policies, they say, have virtually eliminated domain tasting. As for those who still make honest mistakes, ICANN makes exceptions.

Source: Computerworld

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