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Report: average .net auction price exceeds .com

A popular domain auction site recently released a report detailing statistics about more than 9,000 auctions in the last three months. Surprisingly, the average sale price for a .net domain came out to $1,775 USD, a wee bit higher than the average .com value of $1,768. This is a sharp decline from the $2,527 figure calculated in the last reporting period.

If .com is supposedly king, why are .net domains selling for more? The answer is quite simple: all the good generic .com names are taken. According to the report, 75% of domain sales were .coms– mostly less desirable names, however. Now that the cream of the crop has already been sold, premium .net names are becoming more desirable.

Does this mean .coms are now worth less? Such a statement could be no further from the truth. People are simply buying .nets because there are no good .coms available. Since so few are out there, .coms are now worth more than ever before.

Source | DN Journal

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