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Should there be price caps on new gTLDs?

One issue of contention among domainers lately is when the new gTLD system is introduced next year, should price caps be placed on the extensions?

Currently, ICANN forces price caps on all TLDs, including .com, and limits registration terms to ten years. This helps ensure customers get a fair deal and prevents registrar abuse.

In the gTLD Guidebook 2.0, a manual of sorts for the new system, ICANN implicitly states there will be no price controls, stating that price caps would be too hard to enforce given the global nature of domains. However, it does state that the issue is open to debate and registrars will be required to notify customers at least 6 months in advance before increasing prices.

The problem here is if ICANN lets gTLD companies name whatever price pleases them, what about registrars selling .coms and other TLDs? I think that gTLD sponsors should be able to set the price, but ICANN seems to have dug itself into a hole here. Just another reason why I think more oversight is needed in Marina Del Rey.

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