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Biblical.com sells for £10k

Less than three weeks after the sale of Rosary.com for £48,388, another Christian domain has sold. This time it’s Biblical.com for £10,347 ($17,000 USD).

Old as it may be, the Bible is still a bestselling book, especially in the Midwest and southern United States. Online versions of the religious text are very popular as well.

Some other recent domain sales include:

  • thedog.com- £7,973 ($13,100 USD)
  • yse.com- £3,104 ($5,100 USD)
  • mardigrasbeads.com- £1,684 ($2,766 USD)
  • hockeytalk.com- £1,522 ($2,500 USD)
  • blackbeards.com- £730 ($1,200 USD)

Nothing of biblical proportions here.

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