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.CM domain is a hot target for cybersquatters

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Experts are warning that the country domains for the Republic of Cameroon are easy targets for cybersquatters wishing to cash in on typos. This form of cybersquatting, which is developing its own name: typosquatting, takes place when someone registers a domain spelled similarly to another popular domain so that people who mistype it are sent to the wrong site, often laced with ads or, even worse, malware.

With the .CM top-level domains, it is easier than ever. Someone who intends to type Amazon.com need only miss one letter, the “o” in .com. According to the experts, “google.cm” receives up to 20,000 his per day, which means a good amount of traffic is being diverted to the incorrect site. This can be damaging for businesses and even dangerous for users.

“It’s a trick-to-click model. They’re trying to trick people into thinking they’re at a legitimate site,” said Enrico Schaefer, founding attorney of Traverse Legal, based in Traverse City, Mich., which specializes in Internet law and online brand protection. “Most companies do not have a clue that this cybersquatting or typosquatting is going on. But they are becoming more aware of it all the time.”

Source: Legal Technology
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