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Degreeprograms.com yields £19,193 at auction

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There have been no record-setting domain auctions lately, but several noteworthy sales were made yesterday. Chief among them is Degreeprograms.com, which sold for £19,193 ($31,555 USD). The higher education industry has seen a lot of growth lately, and no doubt that helped fuel the sale of the domain.

Another high-price sale is camerabags.com, which fetched £6,386 ($10,500 USD). This seems a bit high in my opinion, especially because the name is plural.

Other recent sales have been pretty disappointing:

  • pumped.com-£4,714 ($ 5,750.00 USD)
  • alaskacruise.net- £1,327 ($2,181.00 USD)
  • longweekend.com- £1,251 ($2,056.00 USD)
  • arcadegame.net- £380 ($625.00 USD)
  • floors.biz- £122 ($200.00 USD)

Source: The Domains

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